I Just Want To Quit

I can no longer do this by myself,
I cannot ask for help –
I’ve tried to push through, stay tough,
but my best is no longer good enough.

My body aching, it’s quitting on me,
no one would believe the wreck that is me,
For I’ve hidden too long and the mess is too great,
No doubt I’ll die, holding onto this hate.

I’m starting to separate,
don’t want to feel,
like watching a nightmare,
except it’s all real. 

Reaching no more today,
I’ve nothing to give,
not sure why I was born,
unsure why I live.

What good is trying,
when you’ve lost all your power,
a wasted effort,
another dead hour.
Time now to hide,
I must disappear,
can’t handle connecting,
it’s drowned out by fear. 

The joy they have,
it all seems legit,
but alone in this wreckage,
I just want to quit.


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