When Fear Becomes a Mask

When fear becomes a mask,
and I’ve nowhere else to hide,
I take off to the hills,
where no one sees inside.

Where none can see the blanket,
or look beneath the shame,
where hoplessness lies quiet,
and I don’t have to feel the pain,
when eyes don’t have to meet,
and souls don’t dare connect,
if words are never spoken,
there’s nothing to deflect.

For when love never pierces,
and hearts are never shown,
less risk of disappointment,
when you do it all alone.

Fighting for each day,
wanting release to sleep,
toss and turn and ruminate,
for much I have to weep,
but if I weep into the darkness,
and my tears you do not taste,
when morning comes may I convince you,
my life was not a waste.

Each second slowly ticks,
yet days and weeks go fast,
I’m unable to feel the depths of grief,
when fear becomes a mask.


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