Sexual Tension

Yeah – so this is slightly different than many others… if you want a super insightful, clean, pure and holy poem… don’t keep scrolling, because this isn’t it. But many of us have likely found ourselves in a similar space where the idea of intimacy and making passionate love is well… overrated. And, like I’ve said before, much of my writing is direct, personal experience. Some I work together with clients to help them tell their story, and others are my reflections from various encounters. Decide for yourself… or just ask. 🙂

The heat starts to rise 
as my mind drifts away,
there’s only one thing,
that will make it go away.

I feel your skin 
pressed firmly on mine,
your breath surrounding me,
you take your time.

The grip of passion,
uninhibited intoxication,
closing my eyes,
to heighten sensation. 

A release in the night,
with passionate moan,
insanity exploding,
then sleeping alone,
because all of the talk,
of love and luck,
is absurd and unnecessary,
when you just want to fuck.


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