Losing My Religion

One year ago… walls began to fall, my heart began to open, slowly, within a wonderful new community. I tested the waters, unsure if we would continue, and one year later, they have become our family, more than anyone, ever before.

Kaci Allen

When the religion of your ancestors no longer resonates, the spiritual connection you were designed to experience may begin to emerge.

Losing My Religion

To depart one’s own religion
Is unlike any journey I’ve known
Deciphering messages given
From the voice that is my own

Who is this God of scripture
How does He walk ‘with‘ me
Or do I walk ‘with‘ Him
I struggle still to see

Forsaking not my core
Morality and truth
Seeking a different way of walking
Transparent, relational sleuth

Submission to a Rector
Allowing him to teach
The ability to trust again
May be within my reach

Is it possible to make mistakes
And not fear the wrath of man?
And if they truly know my thoughts
Will they try to understand
Or will they box me up and label
Damaged, broken, on a shelf
Will they see me as pathetic

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