Exhausted from the battle 
waging war inside of me,
I try coming up for air 
but I’m drowning in this sea.

When all we know are drifters
scarce is trust in solid ground –
when waves are at their darkest,
hope for light sinks further down.

Oh to see in but a candle 
reprieve from death until tomorrow,
shall I reach and burn my finger
efforts, vain, yield further sorrow

Neglected by the wind
that often carries gentle rain,
held under by the flood –
a gutter, trapped beneath the shame.

Disappear now into silence
while deafening my cry,
slithering demons lead the charge
keeping distant from love’s eye

As I curl into the waters
I’ll float until I sink,
destroyed by Poseidon’s wrath
with fate left now to drink.


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