I Want to Quit

The sound of the rain 
is hitting the streets,
but I’m drowning inside
under the sheets.

It seems more muscle 
won’t do the trick 
I’m far to weak
to survive another hit 

Balancing the real 
I just want to run –
and yes, I know 
I’m not the only one,
But I’m the only ‘me’
and it’s dark all around,
I try to lie still
not make a sound,
and hopefully this demon
will see no need to fight,
and let me find rest
at least for tonight. 

Escape now I must,
for the burden is too great – 
When, not if –
I believe is my fate.

Fighting is futile,
with life I’ve no writ –
As I lie here alone 
I just want to quit. 


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