Tired of the Fight

There comes a time when even the best fighters hang up their gloves and walk away… knowing they’ll never again enter the ring…

You’re confident of your strength, 
or you’d stay home from the fight.
He throws a left,
when you expected right.

Round and round you do the dance,
as crowds and demons yell –
it seems to awaken more of their joy,
the closer you are to hell.

Then one day you realize your time has come,
you’ve got no more fight left –
you struggle to swing, no bounce in your step,
it’s hard just to catch your breath.

So without much fare you slip to the shadows,
and find a safe place to hide,
some may wonder but most will not,
what must be going on inside.

For all your life, you’ve been a fighter 
perseverance, endurance you know –
but as you feel the weight of the beatings,
you can’t take another blow. 

When walking through life and living each day,
becomes a war of its own –
you start to imagine and rationalize,
it would be better if you were just gone.

Because even the best fighters get weary from battle,
most know when to walk away – 
As I journey toward sleep, with more battles than peace,
I’m hanging my gloves up today.


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