The World Keeps On Spinning…

The world keeps on spinning,
Even though mine has stopped–
Hope on wings, soaring,
An idea that’s been dropped

Through weekdays you pace, 
assuring the boss,
While I hide under covers, 
desire is a loss 

But no one will know –
and even then, who could blame –
An escape from toiling –
A respite from shame.

Too much has been broken,
for this life to mend,
as I lie here and wait,
For the struggle to end

Guide us in waking, 
and guard in our sleeping, 
But what’s He to do,
with inconsolable weeping

Comfort that’s fleeting,
Answers, no more, 
as I drift back to sleep,
devil waiting at the door

Would ‘settle’ for peace,
no game for the winning –
I’m dying inside,
and the world keeps on spinning…


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