Sins of the Father

I’m sure old messages spoken,
Were nowhere near what was intended,
But they’re loud and engrained and hard to dispute,
And keep my heart trapped, not mended

“Sins of the fathers,” they were careful to warn,
generations beneath you will suffer-
Maybe that is what my child is experiencing now,
For my crimes he has no buffer

Another blow to the gut, another life ‘hassle,’
Another day harder to breathe –
If only I could learn His formula
I’d do anything for a reprieve

But prayer doesn’t soothe, my hand He won’t hold,
as he opens me up to the rafters,
where pain is simmering, ready to shatter,
but the demons are filled with more laughter.

“It’s your fault,” don’t you see? They jeer and they taunt,
My failure just might be contagious –
I must be too damaged, so broken, destroyed,
‘Stay away before your pain, to, is outrageous!


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