– Moments that might seem small, can be the very thing that gets another through to a new day. If you get the urge to send a text, a note, or extend a hug or pat on the back… do it… that moment may be the thing that breaks the despair… at least for a moment. 

A smile, a wink,
a pat on the head,
these moments give life,
to hope that feels dead 

Someone wiser to stand in the gap,
takes away the sting of the burning lack 

Acknowledged, welcomed,
Loved, accepted –
A family ensuring 
The weak are protected 

Open arms inviting,
canned answers not reciting,
in our presence still delighting, 
and questions never slighting,

Connections predetermined, 
Paths crossing in the pain,
Pausing to rest, making space to hold,  
Believing to drought will come rain

I can’t ignore the spirit
Bringing peace and hope to sight 
through a priest, a rector, 
and friends who hold Your light – 
But aren’t afraid to speak their truth
though struggle as they might, 
they see a thing inside of me
that’s turning wrong to right

In seasons of tsunami, 
when waves are pushing down,
It’s moments when I find a breath –
that keeps my soul around

Sometimes a breath feels like a tease,
at most it can be fleeting –
But if not for the breaths of love…
I would only know the beating. 


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