Make it Stop

When good things happen,
it can feel like a moment of breathable air, but they’re so few and far between-

They’re really like gasps that only make the dying slower. When you’re in a tsunami and there’s no boat, there’s only the cycle of fighting then sinking.

I pick it up, it breaks 
If I try to drive, it stops
When I straighten, it bends
Throw it up, it flops

I feel like a jinx,
So you better stay away – 
and I think it’s only hurting, 
The more you try to pray

Take caution 
I’m contagious 
Leaking failure
Not courageous 

Facade, no more 
Best if I hide 
No fucking clue
Why I’m alive 

Another arrow
Straight to my heart
Tired of trying
To play the part 

Breathe in the fumes
Blow out the fire: 
To weep no more,
my one desire 


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