It’s in the Silence

In the chaos of life, despair crescendos until words of truth are no longer heard. Though healing is sought, and desperately desired, society often tells us we aren’t doing enough and the practice of being can become intolerable. All too often the answers we need most are birthed from finding peace in the silence.

It’s in the silence:
The quiet place where even a whisper seems deafening.

Where a brush of a pant leg or the crack of a settling chair or the scuff of socks on wooden floors both serve to keep me present and wondering, and can equally distract.

It’s in the silence:
When the acid in my belly gets loud, and the gurgle of a swallow flows from my ears down my throat as with the rise and fall of my chest, my exhale fills the space.

It’s in the silence:
That my mind entertains a cognitive orgy where past and future compete for attention drowning out the here and now until the present moment, this moment, becomes a blur where hope and rest cease to exist.

It’s in the silence:
With eyes closed, my heart opens and my mind is given permission to surrender words that should’ve never taken up residence to begin with.

It’s in the silence:
Where I don’t have to perform, or have it all figured out where healing presence finds its voice.



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