There Are 

Sometimes, my brain doesn’t operate as fast as my feelings and other times it leaves them in the dust. Writing (especially music and poetry) helps the two find their pacing together so my soul is allowed to breathe. 

There Are 

There are those of us who think of you 
Not just when times are tough
Or life falls into pieces 
And we scream we’ve had enough 

There are times when a cup of coffee 
With a friend who loves my soul 
Reminds me of a time I feared
It wasn’t possible to feel whole

There are moments when a breeze passes
Or the sunlight is found to be soothing 
That I can focus on all I’m gaining
Instead of only grieving what I’ve been losing

There are people in life who are safe
And I’m glad you have opened that door
Not too many days go by 
I don’t find myself wanting it more

There are mountains I’ve yet to climb
And some I’m too scared to get near
But the more I surrender control and ‘my’ timing 
The volume turns down on my fear

There are words that swirl through my mind
That often don’t reach my lips
So I’m glad you can ‘hear’ where I am
From typing fingertips

There are feelings I cannot imagine
And ones that I wish I knew not
But I’ve come a long way on this journey
Those early days haven’t forgot

I cannot exhale my gratitude 
On days when I go it alone
I’m trying to trust that healing continues  
Even after you’re gone

There are those of us who will think of you
As you say your final goodbyes
Who will keep you in our minds and hearts 
As you’re welcomed into new lives 

I could rethink and wonder and wish we’d met sooner 
Or that I could have learned more from your wife
Instead today my tears are of joy 
That both of you entered our life 


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