Clemson’s Dabo Swinney – Enough is enough!

Regardless of team favorites, rivals or conference preferences, Dabo Swinney did more than push back against a negative reporter in a press conference after an October 10th 43-24 victory over Georgia Tech. The reporter used the word “Clemsoning,” and Coach Swinney had enough.

 It doesn’t take but a quick word search to find examples all over the Internet using the term “Clemsoning” as a way to define “1. The act of failing miserably on a grand athletic stage, or when the stakes are high. 2. Record-setting failure, usually reserved for college football.” – (taken from UrbanDictionary.) 

“It’s all in good fun,” they say or, “it’s no big deal it’s just a term.” But when 1 in 12 college students has a suicide plan (ACCA 2013), and when that rate increases for NCAA Division 1 Athletes, when will we consider the acts of demoralizing and shaming adolescents, student-athlete or not, as accessories to and provocation for these tragic deaths?

This is no joke!

Are our need for ratings and advertising dollars really so pathetic that we turn on each other and create an impossible culture where one can have a bad day and not take that on as them being an ultimate failure at life. There is NO amount advertising dollars from erectile dysfunction treatment, beer, cars or insurance that is worth even one of the lives we lose each year. But as long as we keep supporting it, the media and insensitive reporters will keep doing it.

Every child & adolescent needs someone in their corner who will stand up for them, and push back against negative voices that try to cripple and tear apart their very essence of being. 
An overwhelming commonality with high performing adults, athletes, artists, executives and so many others who experience depression and self-esteem issues, is the voice inside telling them “I was never good enough. No matter how hard I tried, no matter what great things I accomplished, records I broke, no matter the awards, or income, the attention or following, it was never enough.”

Often it’s easy to pinpoint the person(s) we lacked that ultimate acceptance from, before we became our own worse critic. The media does it for ratings, and as sad as it is that ripping people apart brings higher audiences, there are still men like Clemson University Head Football Coach, Dabo Swinney, who aren’t afraid to shout ENOUGH! He’s not looking through rose colored glasses or claiming that all is perfect and we should frolic in fields of daiseys and clovers, but he’s also not allowing anyone else to take away from the hard work, sweat and tears being poured out daily.

Every child & adolescent needs someone to show them how to have their voice, and taught that they deserve to be heard and respected, as they hear and respect others. They deserve it because they were born. Not because of their performance or what they’ve achieved, but because of the person they ARE!

As adults, even as competitiors, it’s not to late to find this internal place of “good enough” for ourselves and learn to live, work, and breathe in more powerful ways than ever.

Thank you, Coach Swinney, not only for standing up for these young men, their families and their future children, but for those everywhere who are hearing for the first time that they don’t have to take on the insecurity and shame that was never theirs to take on to begin with. 
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