Sometimes we laugh 
And sometimes we cry
And then we do both
But can’t really say why

Sometimes we mourn 
And sometimes we cheer
For another date passing
In another year

We lift up our eyes
Trepid at best
And wonder how far 
Is the east from the west

How high can we fly 
How low can we seem
Our worth tied in knots
To other people and dreams

When flesh becomes weak
And faith is no more
We pick ourselves up
And walk out the door

Return in a few 
Or maybe in seven
After all we still fear
There might be a heaven 

As alone we pursue
And at threads we do cling
The music grow weary
No song left to sing

Sometimes we fall short 
Most times we fall hard
Bystanders scoff 
It just wasn’t in the cards

Uncertain tomorrow
Unforgettable past
Stuck still in the silence 
How long will we last

Resolution we need
And peace we seek
As we rise up tomorrow
To endure the week. 



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