When you’re stripped away 
of all you thought you knew
The storm rages and grows 
inside of you
The fibers you grasp 
shatter on the floor
Til there’s nothing left 
worth fighting for 

You plead and cry 
exhaust your words
There’s nothing the one listening 
hasn’t already heard 
But your heart keeps on sinking 
and it falls beneath the ground
Though you’re safe, you’re sad 
when there’s no one around 

And loneliness grows 
and festers and spews 
In darkness on the island 
no one can reach you 

Content now to hide 
the damage is done
And yes, you know 
‘you’re not the only one’ 

But no one can see
the pain that’s so great
And who knows if there’s peace 
beyond heavens gates –
Or if gates exist only, 
as fuel for the living 
to reach into their pockets 
and keep up with the giving
But give as you may 
and hurt as you must
Your soul has been hardened,
Your self you don’t trust.

Slice with the blade 
or slip under the cover, 
or drink til darkness, 
or lie with your lover 
As moments of numb 
become highlights in time
you flirt with the devil,
with demons you dine

There’s no escaping 
the trap and the hold
It’s around your neck, tight,
You’re bleeding and cold.

Settling in with each blink 
As your soul plunges deep 
Your breaths starts to slow
And you finally find sleep…


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