When there are more questions than answers
and the page is hard to turn
and I scream up to the sky
For peace is what I yearn

I ask God where He’s been
And breathe in the cold night air
But stillness mourns rejection
And I see He’s still not there

Alone abandoned and bruised
With wounds too gaping to heal
Beliefs have all been shattered
I no longer decipher what’s real

If ever one desperate and longing
For mercy and grace and a way
Lifting my hands and my voice
I cry out another day

Until the crying stops
And the weeping is no more
I’m exhausted and tired of fighting
And the devil just laughs at the door

Walking into the darkness
With no one holding my hand
I have not hope in a savior
And certainly not in a man

It’s hard to believe that you’re lovable
When all around and inside is destroyed
A pawn that is moved on his table
I’m nothing to Him but a toy

In anger I fear His wrath
I’m scared to admit what I feel
Afraid he may send more destruction
Leaving more wounds to heal

Shaking alone in the silence
With no way to turn it around
Gasping for air as I reach
But left here waiting to drown.



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