Pain has a way of creeping in
at your weakest, most vulnerable moments,
When images are loud and voices are bright
and your mind is gripped by torment

You’ve struggled for peace, you’ve reached out for calm
and answers you’ve fervently sought
But answers don’t come and questions just grow
and your left suffocated by thought

Held captive by someone else’s hope,
in mourning for all that you’ve lost
Futile attempts to brush yourself off
to the garbage again you are tossed

Steps that are taken seem to give another day,
you’re alive although why you’re not certain,
Your heart only aches, no medicinal relief
every other inch of you only keeps hurting.

The tick of the clock reminds you of time
slowly rushing by,
Too burdened to move you lie down in vain
wondering when you will die

Does God have a role? What part does He play?
and is this suffering part of His plan?
Then question I must and fear and I tremor –
at the wrath He’ll extend with His hand

Because ‘good girls,’ you see, just do as their told,
keep quiet and no one gives trouble,
Don’t mess up your bow and pull down your dress
stay perfect inside of his bubble.

When power is stripped and innocence lost,
the wounding at times can’t be healed
So she closes her heart, desperate to hide
Fearing too many secrets revealed

As the days start to linger, what lies ahead frightens
and mostly she sees only fear,
Possessed by another who shall not release, giving power to demons with tears



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