What Christians Shouldn’t Say

Some well meaning ‘Christians’ should really watch their words and what they promise in the name of Jesus. “In His time…” “He will bring the right partner to you…” “You’ll get to be a mom…” “It’s all a part of His plan…” “God had a reason for letting this happen…” Well forget that! Unless you’re Jesus himself, who gives you the right to speak what you have no idea may or may not happen?

Some won’t get married, some won’t have kids and it hurts… BAD to long for either and not have the unquenchable desire filled… so stop trying to soothe an ache with promises you can’t fulfill.

Some are abused, some chronically sick, some are raped… and if God is a god who “had a plan for why God let that happen to you…” then that’s not a God I have any interest in following.

Don’t tell me that it’s ‘HIS’ plan for nightmares and trauma to grip a person around the neck or drive them off a bridge or to hang, shoot or cut themselves. He may figure out a way to use those things, but if ‘He’ is up there planning and orchestrating these things, then your Christianity is one sick and twisted religion.

I don’t even know what I believe anymore, and I often feel like I signed up for the wrong elective… but I do know I am not interested in platitudes or empty words giving false hope to a dying world in an effort to ease pain by dismissing it.

So there… that’s a rant.


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