Beneath the Moon

Neath the light of the moon
My heart fills with sorrow As I hide under covers
And wait for tomorrow 

 The wind all around
howls and pursues
tornadoes of discord
discover a muse:

 ‘If grace does abound
not to purchase but give
It must not be reserved
for those who choose now to live’ 

 The luster of weightlessness
such a spectacle of bliss
When enough time passes
no longer they’ll miss 

 For even those moments
when my face I do hide
their business continues
they miss not a stride 

 What angry ones lurk
I cannot be certain
As I hide and I perish
and fear opening the curtain 

 The strength I once carried
the hope now dissolved
New armor of questioning
becomes my resolve 

Acceptance is futile
when I know not the way
To untangle this Brutus
his betrayal to stay 

 I glance back to the moon
it’s filling the space
That time won’t surrender
and prayers won’t erase 

 Assume the position
fetal, broken and trodden
another night on my own
the world has already forgotten

 I rage in my chest
my heart burns with sadness
So I reach for the pill
to quiet the madness 

 Whether I drift to sleep
or just lie here and ponder
Forsaken, alone
I’m destined to wander



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