The Hurt The Night Brings

As darkness descends
my soul starts to fall
Clouded are visions
and muffled the call

My heart in the balance
faith weary at best
An ache that won’t calm
explodes in my chest

Demons pursue
in anger they strangle
Ripping away hope
Leaving me here to dangle

Gripping and fighting
with rope at its end
Closing this day
on none I depend

Alone in this silence
restless each night
Unsure if the living
Is worth all the fight

There’s pain and there’s hurt
and with agony I lie
As I watch dreams of yester
drift far from my eye

How can one ever trust
there’s a plan and a hope
When it seems as if God
is swinging the rope

Too captive to question
too abandoned to sleep
So I lie here and wrestle
tears flow down each cheek

Not much left to break
only pieces remain
For the world I still smile
Just a pawn in the game



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