Let Go

How can I let go of this hell that’s holding me?
I didn’t choose or seek it out
yet it’s all I often see.

When asked about my innocence I laugh when others gasp,
Knowing deep inside me it’s too far in my past.

The tribal dance of parroted hope consumed me like a fire
I’ve trudged many 50minute miles
with peace as my desire

Yet now collapsing graciously in the arms of this my guide
It scares me what he knows and sees, there’s nothing that I hide.

Smeared in someone else’s mire, and broken by facades
In desolation finding solitude
Unprotected by your God.

And what am I to make of this:
the healing that I see,
It seems relief does have it’s place
With everyone but me

The grip is growing tighter still
I no longer match its pace
so tell me how to let go of one
Who binds me in disgrace



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