The Silenced Pain

I look upon the golden locks and see a face of joy
Yet deep within my being know the tainted untold story

Dancing, twirling, spinning trying to keep the peace and calm
Controlled by puppeteer like hands
seduced within the psalms

The mouth it speaks of religious hope and grace that mercy gave
While hands shake and bodies quake ending in carnal haze

To walk away could mean to pull the trigger on redemption
Yet staying silent, holding still
prevents pain and dissension

The crafty way he moves about contemplating every move
Yet from beneath the pulpit others see him as a prude

Innocence stripped away and shoved in immoral quiet places
The grip around the neck and waist leaves pain and fear and faces

Shame heaped on this heavy weight cannot be easily shaken
When one can’t recall much life before their purity was taken

Dragging around this evil stench that to every crevice binds
Begging for but a moment’s peace to leave it all behind

If God does not forget his own
then question now we must
The joyful soul and broken hearts both murdered by his lust.



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