Painful Truth

For some, just the thought of another day is overwhelming. There is no ‘put one foot in front of the other’ when they can’t stand the thought of crawling out from under the covers.

While they watch friends and acquaintances bounce with hope, they slip further into a darkness that you’ll never understand. It’s lonely, painful and suffocating. Depression is not something you suck up, or shake off… it’s something that grips you by the balls and doesn’t let go. It’s grip squeezes tighter and tighter until you don’t even have the breath left to say ‘ouch’ so you just stop saying anything at all.

You long to disappear – all you want to do is hide but then one day in your loneliness you realize that it’s hard to hide when no one is looking for you. The calls stop, there are no visits and you become nothing more than a sad memory of someone who used to exist, if you become a memory at all.


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