Alone in the Silence

Alone in the silence
my mind isn’t still
Comfort and peace
I can’t seem to will

Trying to hide
My face from the crowd
Questions and platitudes
They’re hurting, too loud

The thing wanted most
I fear just the same
My mind’s going crazy
Can’t see through my shame

Crazy I must be
These thoughts are forbidden
So small I become
The truth is more hidden

Pull my knees to my chest
Lay my arm over head
I can’t stop the reel
Playing all that’s been said

Knowing not how to love
A crap shoot at most
But knowing what it’s not
When hell gets too close

I stretch and I sigh
Cover back in my place
Escaping from daggers
And words of disgrace

Oh to be held
No reason to shine
Except that you love
This broken heart of mine


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