Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep
exhausted from the tears I weep
My heart no longer longs to love
A god who’s turned his back on us

Through sick and pain
and hurt and strife
My cravings turn back to the knife
The dirty filth won’t rinse away
The wounds left torn in disarray

If love is what this god does teach
Why is it not within my reach
I traipse and trudge and grasp for straws
wandering alone down empty halls

Left bruised and shattered
A broken mess
The stabbing cry beneath my chest

Of hopes and dreams
Left squashed in sorrow
I cannot bear to see tomorrow

For hope you think is around the bend
Yet I fear more pain left me to tend
And only so much my bag will hold
Ripping at the seams and freezing cold

No warmth no joy
No peace no faith
My very reflection
To me a disgrace


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