As I Bury My Head

As I bury my head,
it gets hard to breathe
and I brace and wonder
who’ll be next to leave.

The struggle and sweat
do all seem for not,
for the life of a woman
who’ll soon be forgot

No bandaid can cover,
the wounds that won’t heal,
their deafening cries
of dreams unfulfilled

Why ask one to hope,
when painful it seems,
is the life and the journey
that is destiny

Why fight for the clarity
or joust for the view
if visions won’t perish
and fear won’t subdue

Each step that is climbed
rips flesh from my soul
then plunges me down
to a dark empty hole

Taunted with glimpses
of life filled with peace,
and a war that’s so vast
it remains out of reach

When I bury my head,
the tears shall not fall,
for they’re muffled by distrust, surrounded by walls

The fewer who enter,
the fewer who’ll see,
I’m just not the girl
they expect me to be.


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