Too Late

You lose and you love
and you wait for a sign
that good is ahead
and fear’s left behind

In agony you sit
too burdened to move
what was second nature
now far from the truth

And lies you pick up
as well you see you fit
no understanding of why
as you fall bit by bit

Spiraling down
never slowing, no rest
with daggers of hate
left draped on your chest

As often we wander
to left and to right
and find peace in darkness
away from the light

But in darkness it grows
and festers and spews
Deception of joy
crowded in pews

Alas on the brink
of a quiet low sigh
as you wonder ‘what’s left
of my soul, did it die?’

Alive you must be
for the pain still is great
the wound far too deep
the cleansing too late…


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