November 8

November 8, 2012:

I am grateful for an awesome Nana & Papa who support my grad school efforts & the friends who support me by helping with E.

I am grateful that I have people I can speak with honestly, without filtering my thoughts and they still want to listen.  I am grateful for heating pads, massage therapists, ibuprofen, iced tea.

I am grateful for entrepreneurs like Michael R. Burcham who inspired me in undergrad to dream big and then make it happen.

I’m grateful for provision.

I am grateful for challenging professors who want not only to grow me as a student and professional, but also as a person.  I am grateful for my group.

I am grateful for Dr. Scott, rocking chairs and knowing that some wounds do fully heal.

I’m also grateful for Palmetto Pimento Jalapeño Cheese, and the legalize marijuana commercial I just saw sponsored by Doritos that took my mind off the traumatic images I saw tonight, at least for a minute…

and I’m grateful that while I was on my way home from class, my family was already safe and secure as I passed the horrific site of a hit and run tonight.


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