Maurice Carter – What an incredible man!

I hate to cry. I really do. But there’s been an awful lot to cry about lately. Especially today with the loss of such a dear man. I am also a writer so one of the ways I naturally process things is through the written word, or through a song. Since it’s hard to let the music breathe through my tears, I thought I would write instead.

Maurice Carter. One man I never thought I would ever say ‘goodbye’ to, had the kind of Christ-filled life and sweet spirit (though he could get on to you as well) that I just knew God would leave around so we would know who to follow at the rapture. However, Maurice, after being missing since Friday, has been found to have passed away.

God was really showing off when He created Maurice!

See, Maurice always knew how to draw you closer to Jesus. Didn’t matter if it was the first time he met you, or if you’d been friends for years the Holy Spirit was so at work in his life that when he spoke, the angels stopped to listen because lives were about to be changed.

We were at a choir conference in SC when I was just 8 weeks pregnant with Ethan. Maurice was only one of two people on the trip who knew at the time. Maurice knew the whole story. He smiled through the tears in his eyes as he assured me that God had a plan for my life and this baby’s life.

He wept over my pain, rejoiced over the miracle, prayed over my body and sang to me as we got ready to lead the conference into worship. On our way home his smile was so bright as I told him about the word God gave me during our concert for one of the attendees.

Growing up in the Baptist church, the idea of hearing from the Holy Spirit was one thing, but the idea of actually speaking into someone’s life a word you believe you had received from the Holy Spirit… well that just didn’t happen.

That night as Landy lead our crew of singers and musicians, this one lady stood out to me as if a spotlight was shining down on her. I’ll never forget standing there and feeling like God was saying “Kaci, you need to talk to that woman.” Not only do you need to talk to her but you need to say specifically “Your son is coming home and your family will be restored.” As I stood there single and 8 weeks pregnant Maurice’s words kept echoing in my ear. “Kaci, when you think you can’t, that’s when God will.” God did have a plan for me and this night it was to talk to that woman.

As I approached her, shaking, I told her she would probably think I was crazy, but I felt like God wanted me to tell her “Your son is coming home and your family will be restored.”

As I spoke these words, I fully expected her to laugh at me, eyebrows raised being approached by a choir kook and brush me off. What happened was quite the opposite. This lady from NC burst into tears and grabbed my arm. She said “I don’t know who you are, but my son is a single dad and things aren’t good for him. He is raising his daughter on his own and I was praying that entire concert that God would just bring him home.”

As I told Maurice what happened, that ever so familiar smile returned to his face of “see, I told you…” but it was the kind you knew was rejoicing with you as his sister. He was also the first to laugh when he realized during a church service as a man gave a prophetic word that I thought he was speaking in tongues and that low and behold I, KACI ALLEN, was the one with the interpretation. (that’s another blog all in itself!!)

Oh – and on the way home, the bus driver hit a tree and the branch busted through the front window shattering glass on us, Maurice being one of the ones front and center… it was an “oh no he didn’t” laugh as soon as we realized we were all ok.

Maurice has also always been such an encouragement to me in the music industry as well. He’s been a sounding board for lyrics, tunes and even helped me connect for vocal sessions with producers I hadn’t met yet. I remember one day he was complimenting my versatility and said “I never know if I’m about to hear the black Kaci, or the country Kaci or if you’re gonna bust out some rock.” We have both been privileged to sing lead and BGVs for some amazing artists and writers and had a second home at Starbucks and a 3rd in the studio.

As the storm clouds roll in across the Nashville sky this afternoon, it’s as if the earth is grieving along with us. I believe God sees our hurt and pain and perhaps for a brief time, the weather is matching what our insides just don’t know how to express.

I don’t want anyone to suffer and would never wish death upon anyone, but I find myself wanting to barter with God and say “couldn’t you have taken so and so, and them, and that lady or what about that other guy… you know the one… or take 2 or 3 of them instead” and offer up 3 or 4 alternatives to Maurice. I want to scream, I want to cuss, I want to shake my fist and cry out and demand answers for why there is so much pain in this world. I think to myself, God, weren’t Eric & Emmy enough young souls… why Maurice too all these years laters. IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!

And even though sometimes I don’t hear God as clearly as I’d like to, I still recall that tenor voice, confident, assured and loving and imaigne it would be saying “Oh girl, don’t cry for me… you have no IDEA what heaven is like! We weren’t even CLOSE to having it figured out. There are no words, no songs that will ever describe how glorious it is to be with our maker.” I imagine Maurice sitting with Jesus, not asking why so soon, but pointing saying “Hey look… that guy hasn’t prayed in 10 years, we weren’t so sure he ever would… and he’s talking to you now!!”

Maurice was one of the most creative talents I have ever met, but what will most live on for me is his intense love and passion for loving God first and then loving others.

I am honored and blessed that God would allow me to walk with him these last 12 years. My insides are hurting and I wish I could re-wind the last couple days and stop this from happening. I won’t enjoy another “nasty” at Starbucks with him, or another hug, or prayer, or song… but most of all I will miss his smile.

The last words Maurice said to me were after we planned a coffee date were “I love you and see you later.” Never goodbye, just see you later and take care.

Maurice Carter – There has never been another man like him, and I doubt there ever will. We rejoice and glory in your life and will miss you like crazy until we meet again!

I love you – see you later.

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10 thoughts on “Maurice Carter – What an incredible man!

  1. Kaci, I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear friend. The video is POWERFUL. It’s so good to know that people like that are filling heaven, and that one day, HEAVEN is where we will be! I’m praying for his family and friends today… I am praying for you Kaci. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Chuck. The powerful thing about that video to me is that, it wasn’t just because it was Sunday morning. He was like that ALL the time. Even when he was tired, or sad, he saught and spoke the truth and had a way of making you feel like you could conquer the world. Scripture came alive when breathed from his lips, never memorized, but LIVED.

      Thank you for your prayers. A lot of people are hurting, but especially his precious family.

  2. Kaci,

    I loved how you said “GOD was showing off when he created Maurice!” I was able to meet Maurice through my best friend, and what a man of GOD he is! I know he is singing to his Savior as I type! GOD puts people in your life for a reason, and boy did he put so many people in the path of this GODLY man! He will be missed!

    Stephanie Jerstad
    Newburgh, Indiana

    1. Thanks, Stephanie!

      The stories are endless and will likely all never be told as to the impact he made on our lives. He was like Mother Teresa with SOUL!

      I still today sit here and even as I type or talk with people just questions the whys… I know some things I will never understand. It has made me reflect on the lives of those I’m coming in contact with and whether or not I’m leaving a godly legacy that will be missed.

      Thank you for your continued prayers, especially for his family!

  3. Kaci,
    Though I don’t know you, I know the person you wrote about. What you wrote could be repeated over and over by everyone that knew him! You just expressed it like no one else could! Maurice is going to be missed by all, and all who knew him was touched by him. Thanks for the story.

    Danny Nix

    1. Thanks Danny. Very much. I have been writing (professionally at least) for 12 years and even before then it was just the best way for me to express myself. I’m finding the lump in my throat isn’t allowing for such a great melody this morning, but hopefully through my journaling I’m able to grieve, be sad, get mad and find trust throughout the whole thing. Trust that somehow I will walk closer with the Christ that Maurice was continually pointing me to be in step with.
      I am overwhelmed by some of the emails I have read saying that by reading they’ve been able to start their healing process as well.

      Doesn’t take away the hurt, but helps take away some of the why’s and replace with gratitude for having known him at all.

      Thanks for walking this journey with me! Praying for your peace as well. If we ever meet, I hope I will show you the same love and joy that he did for each of us.

  4. Cara – We are praying for you and the entire family. They say you don’t know how good someone is til they’re gone. But that’s not true. We have always known what an amazing man Maurice was and how blessed we were to have him in our lives.

    I think there are a lot of folks crying out to God right now with questions of why Maurice is gone… but that’s ok because for many it’s the first time they have talked to God in a while. Even in his passing Maurice’s life and testimony is still giving to us and will continue for generations to come.

    His impact on my life, impacts my son’s life, that will impact my grandkids lives. That kind of legacy never dies. Doesn’t take away the hurt, but does open the door for other healing to take place and strength like only God can give us.

    Love you my sister. Prayers for comfort and peace.


  5. Kaci,

    There are not enough words to describe Maurice, and what he did. Maurice was my big brother and although i was in Oklahoma and he was everywhere, we never failed to talk once a week. He has made me who i am today, and the passion for my music and what i do has done nothing but increase!! Awesome man of God.

    Great Story

  6. Kaci, this was so beautifully written. I sang with Maurice in the TBN P & W team and loved & appreciated his talent, spirit, heart & leadership during those great days (and Craig too!) I am the person who located Maurice on Sunday morning after Craig & family initiated the search that weekend. Notifying his Pastors & them confirming identification with me still plays in slow motion. It was one of the hardest & most heartbreaking things I’d been through or ever done. You are correct, the skies truly did open up and the waves of driving rain matched my grief and the flood of tears that would not seem to stop. Each year since, the memories of that morning, the crying rain that afternoon & his precious home going service remain vivid memories. Most precious and what I keep at the forefront are the memories of God using he & Craig to minister through the Word & song. Heaven sure is sweeter for us but he is & always will be greatly missed.

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