What Kind Of Fish Are You?

Many of you know, last week we welcome 3 new members into our ‘family.’ A white fish, named Kevin Flynn, and two black with white stripes named Sam Flynn & Quorra. (All named by my adorable sam-flynn-like 4 year old son, who was at THE 1st showing of Tron: Legacy, who wanted to see it again for Christmas and who is determined to have a role in the sequel! Disney, we are happy to help! :))

Anyway, as we picked out these fish, he was very determined to find just the right ones. We even looked through all the “fish ornaments” (I call them aquarium toys) to find something that most represented the ‘portal’ on the movie. Seeing none, we opted for a pirate ship & skull that reminded him of Pirates of the Caribbean & the 10 times we rode it on his first trip to DisneyWorld back in November.

Our last attempt at having fish was a fail within a week, but these guys look like fighters! A little apprehensive at first in their “new home” they’re now settling in amongst the black gravel, movie themed home and really seem to like it.

As I was winding down for the night, I went in to check on them and give them a little food. I crumpled up some tropical flakes and was intrigued by what I saw.

The flakes floated along the top of the water, then one small piece drifted down. In seconds, ‘Sam Flynn’ darted across the tank and inhaled it! The other two didn’t even have a chance.

Game On!

As pieces began to slowly drift down into the water, each fish began to race for the tiny crumb that was wisping around, being swirled by the filter and water movement, making it hard to catch.

Then to my surprise, a fight broke out! Yes, I said it, Sam Flynn began antagonizing Kevin Flynn and nipping at his tail. Then as one fish would get closer to the swirling crumb, the other two would chase it away together, then fight each other for it.

Teamwork, then enemies, all for a bit of a flake!

As I watched, much like an armchair-quarterback, I found myself wanting to yell “Go to the top!! There’s plenty of food for all of you and it’s just floating on the top. If you just look up, you’ll see it. And it’s not swirling, it’s not out of control, you aren’t going to have to fight anybody for it, and they’re even much bigger, less soggy pieces! Just look up!!”

But alas the chase continued.

My overly creative and ‘analogitic’ mind couldn’t help but relate the “Tron Fish” to you and me.

I know not all who read my blog believe in God, or Christ as your Lord, as I do. Some refer to their deity as their higher power, or speak of how the universe makes things happen for us. Some believe it’s all just a big crap shoot and nobody or no thing is in control at all. And many others aren’t sure what you believe.

I’m not here to argue or debate you or tell you that you’re wrong because I respect my readers more than to lump you in any category.

What I do believe is this. There’s way too much fighting going on.

Just because one person is blessed, doesn’t mean someone else is going to have to do without. Whoever put in our minds that there wasn’t enough to go around? There’s plenty; more than enough! And if for some reason there’s not, we can make more! (Just ask the feds that print our money! 🙂 – ok I digress)

My point is, how many times do we find ourselves like the “Tron Fish” busting our tails, fighting our neighbors or colleagues, or even our closest friends to get what?… A spiraling out of control CRUMB!? When if only we could stop panicking, and ‘look up’ we would see an abundance of blessings and LIFE just waiting to be taken in. Peaceful, joy that we don’t have to fight for, but if we’re willing to surrender the swirling crumbs, we open ourselves up to a much bigger feast! A feast where no one has to nip at our tails to get their fill, but a feast in which there is plenty.

But all too often, we exhaust our energy in trying to just get by that we forget there’s more out there than we ever dreamed possible… We just have to look in the right place.

So what are your eyes fixed on? The stack of bills that you have no idea how to pay? Hey, I’ve got a stack of my own, so I understand that. A medical diagnosis, or lack of answers for your healing? Yep, understand that one too! Fear, uncertainty, lack, pain, anger, hate, bitterness? Holding on to, and fighting through all of these things can and will keep you from true joy. I’m not saying we should ignore these problems by any means, or just rollover and let whatever happens happen. NO! You better swim to the best of your ability and use all the talents you’ve been given! But, what I am saying, is stop fighting for less than the best in life.

How many olympic track athletes really dream of waking up and fighting for 4th place? No way! They run, eyes on the prize, their best race. They certainly don’t waste energy nipping the tail of someone that looks as though they might win. (Well, there was that one ice skater) but the majority of them keep their eyes fixed on the prize.

One of the things my family taught me early on was that you don’t have to agree with someone to respect them. You don’t have to like everybody, but you certainly don’t seek to cause harm to anyone. And I also learned that I’m not God, nor was I given the title of Chief Judge to criticize the race you’re running.

It is, however, my aim to run my race in such a way that you desire to train with me. That we can fix our eyes on greater things, not threatened by one another, but with a desire to build each other up and in doing so we all end up in a better place than we ever thought possible.

I will disagree with you at some point. I disagree with myself plenty, so you’re in good company. But I will still love you. There’s a difference between acceptance and approval, and while if we disagree, I can accept you for who you are, it doesn’t mean I’m going to raise a flag in your honor promoting your cause.

I love the song “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything!”

So it’s your call… Be like our “Tron Fish” and keep nipping or getting nipped at while you fight for crumbs, or make a choice to respect the rest of those you’re doing life with, support them, build them up, and attract others to train with you as you ‘look up!’

Game On.

** P.S. We love the movie Tron: Legacy & recommend it. The analogy of the fish is in no way meant to discourage you from seeing the movie, and has nothing to do with the theme of the movie because it was great! Only that my son loved the movie enough to name his prized fish after 3 of the main characters! **

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Please click the subscribe button & become part of our incredible story!!


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