The Fire Ethan Put Out!

Being a single mom is anything but easy.  The horrific events that lead up to my becoming one has affected me physically and emotionally more than you could ever imagine.  However, out of this awful event, has come my BIGGEST blessing… my son, Ethan.

Every day I am faced with the challenge of providing for us and making sure all his needs are met.  In this economy it’s hard to do that in most homes where two parents are present, so imagine cutting the support in half and doubling the responsibility… welcome to my life.  As hard as the “practical” things are, I also try VERY hard to create the best life for him possible, packing it full of memories that will last a lifetime!!  Bob Goff & Donald Miller have taught us to refer to these as “Memorable Scenes.”

Tonight I wanted to share just one of our many “memorable scenes”:::

Not long ago, Ethan saw a play fireman costume I bought him a while back, that was just now almost his size.

He wanted to wear is to bed, but instead we decided it would be better to lay it out in the chair by his bed and wait til morning.

He asked “Mommy, when you wake me up tomorrow, will you say ‘DANGA DANG DANG DANG DANG ‘ like the fireman’s bell, so I can jump up and get dressed like a fireman?

I said “Sure,” knowing we’d both be groggy and it may freak him out, being awakened from sleep to my version of a “fireman’s bell.”

So, my alarm went off in my room & I was ready to see how his little 4-year-old face responded to such an abrupt awakening.  But, I didn’t wake him right away.

Instead, I gathered up all the candles in the house, and took them out into the back yard, spaced them around the patio and sidewalk, lit them all and ran back up to his room.
“DANGA DANGA DANGA DANGA DANGA DANGA,” I began quietly, then as he became conscious enough to realize he had requested this startling, crescendoed to a full on 4 alarm fire bell!

He leapt out of bed, fell on the floor, rolled to his jacket, put it on, then his hat & looked with such accomplishment as he said “Look, mommy, I told you I would get right up!” I said “Oh, come on, you gotta put out the fire.”
He smiled big, and started down the stairs after me. He played along for a few steps then stopped and exclaimed, “WHAT FIRE?” 
I ran down the stairs toward the back door & he followed. When he saw the candles his eyes lit right up.  He pretended to spray with his make-believe water-laser-buzz-light-year thing that was invisible on his left arm.

I shouted “Come on, you grab the hose and start unrolling it and I will open up the water flow!!”
Eyes wide, he started unrolling it and said “GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT” as he began to douse each candle, and both of us, with the backyard-turned- fireman’s hose.
We high-fived at such a job well done and saving the day, and then he helped me roll the hose back on the ‘truck.’

Of course, then he asked if we could do the same thing the next morning too, but I think we’ll write a new exciting memorable scene instead.


2 thoughts on “The Fire Ethan Put Out!

  1. Kaci, you have got to be one of the best most fun moms ever! He is such a baby doll! Keep on keeping on. There needs to be more moms like you! Love ya!

  2. K-
    I wish you were my mom! 🙂 Well not really, that’d be weird. But that’s fantastic! The man who ends up winning your heart is going to be one of the luckiest men in the world! Most only dream of having such a lady by their side and as the mother of their children.

    Keep writing; Er, and practicing your French!! 🙂


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