About Me

I received notification that my “About Me” page on my blog had not been completed, so since I couldn’t sleep, decided to jot down a few of the first things that came to mind. A thousand words later…

Hope you enjoy::

About Me: Let’s see…

Hair: Blonde (yes, naturally, but natural blondes aren’t who the jokes are about. We’re the smart ones!)
Eyes: Blue
Ht: 5’9″
Wt:Not in a million miles
Age:Less than a thousand years 😉

I love to laugh & make people laugh. I am a hard worker. In my spare time I am an entertainer & enjoy watching Andy Griffith.

I was once privileged to make a girl in ICU fighting for her life after an attempted suicide laugh & actually see her eyes light up again.

I try to be a realistic encourager to others. I enjoy speaking hope into the hopeless, helping the hurting find value in themselves, and using my talents and abilities to change and save lives.

In 2001 I graduated from Belmont University.
In 2002 I built my first house, after going through Get The Edge by Tony Robbins.
In 2005 I was raped & became pregnant.
In 2006 I became a single mom to the MOST amazing little boy! Out of the toughest tragedy has become the biggest blessing!

My family, of which there is no comparison, is the best. My mom & dad & especially Ethan. The Martin’s, Barnhills & a few of the crazy Allen’s are tough as nails & nothing is thicker than blood.

My Uncle Brooks once hurled a softball at me in the middle of a crowded funeral home, in the same room where the casket was, while people were paying their respects. I caught it!

My closest friends in my “inner-circle” I call my “Dream Team.”. They are the first to encourage & challenge me to be a better version of me.

My childhood best friend, since birth, is TJ. They used to call us the “dynamic duo.” We call ourselves Juice & Ice, because one makes the other better. I once drove her car 123mph which was fast back in the late 90’s! 😉

The most incredible person in my life not related to me is Baley. There’s no way I can describe him & do him justice so I’ll just say that he is the air I want to breathe, and loves me unconditionally. That person you long to be around because in their presence you ARE the best ‘you’ possible & you don’t have to pretend to be anything else! He is the most real person that ‘gets’ literally every point in my life and always encourages & believes in me. I don’t know what I’d do without him & the mere fact that he is in my life is further evidence of how much God loves me.

Two of my strongest spiritual mentors ever are Rob & Bret. They share my affection for our high school friends & love me like a sister. To say I appreciate them, doesn’t even scratch the surface.

I am thankful for my ‘coach!’

Though I haven’t physically seen them in 100 years, Randy & Noel are two of the greatest people you could ever have in your life & I’m still praying for their Nashville return!!

Becky – the sister I never had, married to Randall, the brother-in-law that likes to shoot things, and speaks bold truth! (Usually not at the same time.)

I miss Scott Koch.

When I was in the hospital, my friend Allen watched The Three Stooges with me bedside, until I finally fell asleep.

I’m so incredibly grateful for Harrison & all he has meant to me the last almost 10 years.

I want to spend a week at Bob Goff’s.

My favorite writer in high school was the poet, Emily Dickinson. My favorite author now is Donald Miller.

I’ve never shyed away from controversy, but make it a point to show respect to all people.

My friend Joanne Miller just released her 2nd children’s book & I cried when I read it! (I don’t cry often!)

My gynecologist is also a dear friend of mine, & has been for 12 years now. (I was his patient first, then He, his wife & I were Young Life leaders together.) Nothing gets a reaction from your friends quite like saying you’re going to your GYNO’s for dinner!

When Robert says “I’m so glad you asked that question,” or “what a wonderful place we find ourselves” I know the conversation is gonna be good. Bring It!!

Jana? How have we not known each other… Like forever? You’re the only person that’s made me fall in the floor laughing, without pushing me 1st. 😉 Road Trip!!

Jordyn Mallory is my little sister.
I’m a Jade-Fan.
Kaytlin is my twin.
Madeline & Taylor are best friends, but both secretly adore me more. 🙂
Olivia is an inspiration.
Marlee, Michelle & Hannah are the best slappers I know.
A day w/out a text from Liz isn’t a bright as those WITH!
“Team Rudolph” is on speed dial & I want them to stay seniors forever. (Not really, well sorta)
I adore the TYM.

Aside from my family, my passions are writing, music, sports & my high school friends.

I adore singing with two Davids & a Mark.

David Graham & I are a honky tonk country match made in heaven. And, when I sing with David Gutekunst I feel like the doors of Heaven are opened & my soul comes alive! And quite frankly, there’s no one I’d rather play a Round with, (Play a ROUND, not play around, ITR, Music, a gig, its a Nashville thing) than Mark Box.

Jessica, Jaclyn & Jocelyn are 3 incredible women I’m blessed to have in my life.

I am a Phi Mu & love my sisters.

I love shoes. Especially heels & cowboy(girl) boots.

I grew up on the beach and always maintain a fabulous collection of flip flops.

I always put my right shoe on first.

I hit .602 my senior year as a softball player.

I have a state championship title in women’s racquetball.

I only buy Chiquita bananas.

I have an incredible Wed night “small group”,… And a few ‘rowdy’ women that make me laugh when I feel like crying.

My car almost got swept away numerous times in the May ’10 floods with me & my mom in it!

I love roller coasters, jet skis, water & snow skiing, water slides & Beacon Tea.

I once taught an entire Spin class to John Mayer.

I have degrees in Business and Marketing.

Though there are so many more wonderful people in my life all around the world & I have had some incredible experiences, I don’t have any idea what more you could possibly want to know about me, for this random hodgepodge, granolla of an “About Me” page. But, I’m definitely open to sharing more, and would love to have you subscribe to my blog!

Thank you for joining the journey with us… It’s an incredible one!


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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So thankful to be a part of your beautiful, one-of-a-kind story! Praise God for being at work; it is all about Him! Love you 🙂

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