Please Pray!

1/11/11 at midnight:
E has no fever & is sleeping!! Yeah!! Thank you for your prayers!!

It snowed a lot here today, but he didn’t want to go outside, which was a huge blessing that I didn’t have to explain why we couldn’t.

Appreciate ya’ll very much!

3AM: This is a quick post for the hundreds of you that I’m honored read my blog, but don’t follow facebook or twitter updates as closely.

Tonight (this morning) I’d ask that you keep my 4 year old son, Ethan in your thoughts & prayers. He currently has a fever of 104.2. He’s talking a little “high-fever-crazy-talk” and isn’t very comfortable.

For those who don’t know, I just got out of the hospital Wednesday after a week long stay due to massive head pain that started 12/26 after a fall. Still have the pain & a lineup of dr. Apt next week.

My primary concern right now, is Ethan. His fever started Friday spiking suddenly up to 103 but held steady from 101.5-102 throughout Friday night despite not resting well & waking up about every hour. Tonight, the sleep pattern is at best a 10-15 minute doze, followed by a scream or call out for me, not realizing I’m right beside him.

I’ve contacted the pediatrician and the nurse actually listened to his drivel over the phone. I’m monitoring his temperature and we’re going in first thing in the morning, but definitely appreciate your prayers in the meantime.

Thank you for allowing me to use this blog for this purpose tonight.

My heart aches for my little guy… and I appreciate your love & support!


Ethan is positive for the flu. AND Mom got checked while we were there & SHE has the flu…

AND on top of everything else, so do I.

Please pray for miracles. Provision, Favor, Wisdom & Protection.

We need this. Kaci

* Be nice & show respect to everyone… we’re all human.

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6 thoughts on “Please Pray!

  1. Hi kaci. i saw your post on john piper twitter and i prayed for your son now. i hope God will do his will in your life and your son too. tell me how is your son going!

    1. Thank you so much, Paul! It means a lot. We need a couple big miracles right now & appreciate your thoughts & prayers so much.

      I’ll definitely keep you posted!

  2. Girl you know you have my prayers! I have seen in the last 2 weeks what lots of prayer can do! Please hold on til this to will pass! When your kids are sick you just wish it were you! I know! Love you! Keep us posted! God Bless! Debra

    1. Thanks, Debra. I appreciate it so much! You know, I’ve got a group of ‘rowdy ladies’ in my life that remind me of some of the laughs we all used to have!… And great talks too!

      Thanks for covering us, and we continue to keep you all & Tara in our thoughts & prayers too!

      Luv u!

  3. K,

    You are always in our thoughts. Thank you for sharing. We will most definitely lift you both up!

    Please publish more of your writings asap. Your journey & perspective are page turners!

    Espresso is a must when I return!


    1. G
      J’aimerais avoir du café avec vous.

      L’être une maman seule est si difficile surtout pendant les temps les plus pénibles et incertains.

      Je ne suis pas sûr comment précis que mon français est mais j’ai voulu essayer.

      Bénédictions !

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