How Now Shall We Trust?

Yesterday, I was talking about “The Christmas Story” with some friends.  The question was asked of me why I thought the “virgin birth” was significant and uniquely necessary.

As I began to speak, the story came alive to me like never before.  My basic conclusion was the following::

“God created Adam; perfectly.  Adam fell to sin and everyone born after him came into the world with a sinful nature. If God had “selected” a child conceived under “normal” conditions, it makes sense that child wouldn’t have been an exception, but also born with the fleshly sin nature.

Instead, God chose to sort of split it down the middle.

In order for Jesus to be fully God and fully man, He was physically born like every other man on earth, yet was conceived like no one else.

I began to think about the faith it took for Mary & Joseph.  A pregnant virgin; now that’s powerful.  But, Mary knew she was a virgin.  She knew she had not slept with anyone, so she KNEW this baby was different, special and of God. Joseph, was really just taking her word for it.  I mean, sure, the whole angel appearing thing was definitely a sign, but an angel appeared to Zechariah as well and how did that work out for him? (At least til after John was born, he was rather ‘speechless’).

But aside from that, Joseph had to REALLY trust in God as well as Mary, trusting that she was in fact still pure.  There was no way for him to ever really know that he KNEW… You know?

It hit me so hard as I pondered these things in my heart… (pun intended)

As I am in the midst of praying for my own “miracles” and have no idea how the answers and direction I seek will make themselves known, I struggle with the “unseen.”  As spontaneous and daring as I am, there are some areas I prefer not to be quite so “fly-by-the-seat” like with my bank account, or decisions about career or family.  I’d much rather have that pretty guaranteed.

But what I find myself wanting more than anything right now is the ability to fully surrender and trust.  The assurance, not brought about by having to go through my own ‘hell’ to experience His rescue, but the ability to trust no matter the circumstance.

Through the good and during the tough seasons, I want trust like the fiance of a pregnant virgin would’ve had to have.


5 thoughts on “How Now Shall We Trust?

  1. Amen…
    We never put ourselves into the story. We tend to like to read it from a safe distance, say 2000 years. We need to trust just like they trusted and go with Jesus, not the cultural pull of the world.
    Thanks for sharing your juourney. It strenghtens my journey.

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