People You Should Meet!

I’ve been blessed to meet some incredible people in my life.
If I were to list them all… this would be a novel, not a blog.

A few that are coming to mind for their own unique meaning in my life, in no particular order are: Dolly Parton, Robin Williams, Bret Allen, Gene Simmons, Richard Simmons, Randall Jackson, Michael Jackson, Robert Lindsay, George Lindsey, Reba McEntire, Autumn McEntire, Steve Cummings, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Taylor Sain, Donald Trump, Vanna White, Liz Taylor, Liz Thompson, and of course, THE Rob Touchstone…

If you were to “label” Rob, you would use words like devoted husband, incredible father, bible scholar, young adults & youth pastor and even rabbi.

I have been blessed to be discipled by Rob for some time now, as well as have him as a dear friend and mentor.

He has become more than a teacher, though he has given wisdom in countless ways, but he has become a big brother to me. And no, not the big brother you think about with the government that’s tracking your every move from a satellite far away, but the kind of big brother, that just has your back. Do you know what I mean? The kind of big brother you expect to tell you when you’re wrong, or point out when something green is stuck between your teeth, or who will screen any man you go out with, much less consider marrying, not to make life difficult for you, but to make sure they are worthy of spending time with his sister. The kind of brother that will “dive in” first…

If you don’t have a big brother like this… (or big sister) – go find one… pray for one, and see who might just show up on your front porch.

I’m working on a book right now that will explain more of how I believe God hand-picked my big brother and his amazing family for this incredible part of my story, and I can’t wait to hear your feedback. In fact, his wife is my little guy’s #1 Bible Teacher! She teaches them in such a way I am amazed at the detail he comes home remembering and the excitement on his face as he tells what he’s learned.

BUT, what I’d love to do right now, is share some of Rob’s incredible writings with you. Most specifically his new blog today, “The Two Tables.” He is an extremely wise and talented man as well as a very gifted writer. Do your brain, and your heart, a huge favor and check out Rob Touchstone’s Blog (just click on the link) and tell him I sent ya! It’s a Thanksgiving MUST READ!

Look forward to hearing your comments!!

Oh, what are you doing for Thanksgiving??


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