‘Stacey’ Woke Up

I prayed all the way to Vanderbilt tonight. I wanted so badly to visit “Stacey” and see how she was doing, and if her family needed anything. I wondered all the way there what they’d be like. Would they think I was just some dork candy striper, or would they really be receptive to my heart and desire to show love to their daughter.

I prayed for the words to say, I prayed to be accepted (rejection stinks, especially when you feel like you’re where God wants you to be.)

It seems like the elevators were in slow motion as I waited, pacing, anxiously getting more and more nervous with each passing minute.

I finally reached the 8th floor and made my way down that long hallway clad with nurses and surgeons to the left and patients to the right.

I saw a team of surgeons doing what appeared to be an emergency intubation in one of the rooms, but I’m not 100% sure.

Alas, I arrived at Stacey’s room. Her mom was asleep and her dad sat at bedside, obviously weary and needing rest. I knocked & asked if he was her dad, and introduced myself.

See, Becky’s sister, works with Stacey’s dad and that’s how we found out she was there.

After some small chat, he told me her kidneys were not functioning and she needed a lot of prayers. On a good note though, she hadn’t eaten in 6 days, but she had in fact eaten some lunch and dinner tonight. Stacey’s headed the right way, but still has a long road ahead of her.

Then the moment of truth.

I briefly explained this “21 Day Challenge” and how so many of you had joined in, matching the original $10 and that I had been instructed to bless someone with the money.

I reached into my pocket and pulled a portion of the cash out. (I still have some left in the paypal account that I will transfer out and give to someone too, but I gave all the cash we’ve collected to date. I told him I knew what it was like having both my son, and before that, my dad in the hospital for weeks at a time. I know how financially draining that could be, even with just the meals you have to cover while you’re there, not to mention missing work.

I handed him the money and his first reply was “I feel bad taking this.” I replied, “Don’t feel bad, its not MY money, well, $10 of it is. But this money was given by individuals from several states and even several churches and it’s God’s money. We were told to multiply it and bless someone, our purpose being to save lives.”

I prayed over Stacey and when I was done, with teared up eyes, her dad hugged me. About that time Stacey, who had not opened her eyes and was out of it yesterday and again today, started to stir. He immediately asked what she needed. She wanted to turn over to her back, but she was so weak she couldn’t do it along. I asked if I could help him but he assured me he was fine.

I watched this incredible dad balance the desire to pick her up and move her with the wisdom of knowing that pushing her to use some of her own strength through the pain was necessary for making her stronger. (Stop for a minute and imagine any trials you’re going through that God won’t just “fix” for you. MAYBE he knows that we need to exercise certain muscles so we can become stronger, or even find healing.) Wow!

When he finally got her situated, he said “Stacey, this is Kaci, she came to check on you and pray with you.”

She said “Hi,” and stretched out her hand. I of course immediately took it in mine. She opened one eye, the other bruised and too weak to open and barely able to talk, managed “Thank you.”

I was able to share a little of my story with her. I told her I knew what it was like to drive down 65 and want to run my car off a bridge and just end it all, make all the pain go away. I think her dad was shocked my level of realness with this “stranger” but stood quietly watching his daugther staring at me. She whispered “me too” and I felt her squeeze my hand.

Her dad said “God’s got a great purpose for this girl’s life, or he would’ve already taken her.”

I said “yes, I believe he does! I know though when I was going through my own hell I couldn’t see that and didn’t really believe it. But I held on. I just held on. And Stacey, I believe with all my heart that if you’ll just keep holding on, you will see that purpose revealed to you in a powerful way! And I want to help you keep holding on. I know there times people told me things would get better and I told them they’d have to believe it for me because I couldn’t right then. I want to be there for you to believe for you when you can’t wrap your mind around something and help you keep holding on. I have no agenda, I have just been through a lot of pain myself and only want to help you see the great purpose God has for you. Your dad has my number. If you need to call and scream, if you need to pray, or if you just want to call and cuss, I can handle all of that and want to be here for you.” She laughed when I said cuss.

I am in awe that God allowed me to make a girl, who had 2 days earlier tried to kill herself, that was in critical care ICU, with kidneys that weren’t functioning and unable to turn herself over in bed, much less stand on her own, LAUGH! There is nothing about that, that is “normal!” Thank God!

I told her I thought we were near the same age and she said “I’m 29. I asked when her birthday was and her dad answered July 22nd. I said “Stacey, I want to make plans right now to celebrate your 30th birthday with you, because its going to be an incredible one!”

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the whole night was!

They thanked me, and asked that we all continue to pray for her healing.

I said I would like to try and come check on them, and her dad said, “You are welcome to come back anytime and we’d like that.”

I left, and re-traced my steps down the long walk in the ICU hall and it took everything in me to not fall on my face, and break down in tears. My heart was crying on the inside. I was walking, thanking God and praising Him. Thanking Him for the family and friends in my life and for sparing Stacey’s!

This is a critical time in her life. Medicine says she may not recover from this. Right now, its all in limbo. But I know a great physician that can beat any odds medicine or man gives… Just ask Lazarus!

Please commit to praying for Stacey’s physicall, as well as emotional and spiritual healing.

These last few weeks have lead us into some pretty incredible situations don’t you think?

This is only a “launch pad.”

I do know this family would appreciate the support for meals, gas and help with time off from work too.

I feel like anything else that is donated via http://www.kaciallen.com/21.html should go, 100% to Stacey’s family. So if you haven’t yet, please log on and give from your blessings.

Since I launched my 1st blog as part of a “21 Day Challenge” to ROCK the world of the more than 21.8 million children being raised in single parent homes as well as the parents themselves.

I am still very passionate about this, but I’m finding I’m more passionate about simply helping hurting people start to find healing. I remember asking for “Steps to healing” and that’s different for everyone. But surrounding yourself with the right people to love, support and build you up, is necessarily vital.

Thank you for joining “our story” as we help Stacey start a new chapter.

13 Days… Starting Now!

nashvillewriter @live.com


Please visit www.kaciallen.com/21.html to join us!


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