Saving Lives!

Thank You!for stopping by to read the latest on our “21 Day Challenge!” CLICK HERE for a brief summary of how the challenge came about & my part in it!

Ok, I still encourage you to read “Donald Miller Hugged Me” and “Write,…LIVE A Better Story,” but to catch you up quickly, on Sept. 1st I launched my 1st blog as part of a “21 Day Challenge” to ROCK the world of the more than 21.8 million children being raised in single parent homes as well as the parents themselves.

Now, fast fwd… I started with $10 & matched with $10 of my own, then family & friends (the cool ones:)) all started matching $10. We put up a paypal link & donations from several states started coming in, even as far as Iraq!

I am passionately burdened to pour into the lives of these kids & the parents raising them alone, because I too, am a single parent. In ’05 I was raped & 5 weeks later found out a baby was on the way.

I’ve got a small group of mentors & advisors helping me determine what the best & biggest way to pour into would be.

Some of you have asked about “the jeep.” It was confirmed late last night that there was an attempted suicide in the jeep, in the church parking lot and it is in fact the very same jeep that’s now sitting in front of my house. Coincidence??? ABSOULTELY NOT!

Its like this “vision” just rolled right in front of us, literally.

Never in a million years would I have believed a challenge to multiply $10 could’ve ended up with us intercepting an attempted suicide right out our own doorsteps.

I would love to figure out who this jeep belongs to and how we can help! Its a must. At least to let him know we’re here.

Talk about “saving lives…” LITERALLY! Donald & Bob would be so proud! 🙂

I am overwhelmed with joy from your encouragement. Every $10 match is truly “saving lives!” And for those multiplying even more & sending more people our way, THANK YOU!!

Who do you know that needs to live a better story? Send them our way, because we are all determined to do just that!! I’d love to encourage you on your own journey as well!!

Click to the right to subscribe to the blog where it says “sign me up” or something like that, and please don’t forget to visit to add your name to the VIP list! 🙂

Thank you for joining “our story” as we write an incredible new chapter!

10 Days… Starting Now!


Please visit to join us!


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