Purpose for Pain

There are no coincidences!

Yesterday afternoon, I met with an incredible rabbi and we discussed the 21 Day Challenge and some specific details about my journey and what has happened so far.

It was a great time of really pouring out my heart and also receiving accountable feedback to make sure I was staying true to the mission. Speaking of the “mission,” we talked about several different organizations we could pour into and talked over a lot of possibilities. One thing that was consistent was my desire for pouring into the lives of children. Most specifically, the children across the U.S. growing up in single parent homes.

We talked for a couple of hours about healing taking place in my own life and the next “best steps”
to take as we try to make the biggest impact possible and left resolved to walk in faith that just the right “vision” would be made clear to us.

Just before I started to leave, Rob mentioned an old car that had been parked in the church parking lot the previous week. I hadn’t noticed it, but apparently it struck the staff as being odd and they called the police to make sure it wasn’t an abandoned, stolen car. They advised the church to tow the car. The next day, the phone rang and a distraught caller proceeded to explain that in that very car, someone had attempted suicide just a couple days prior, but had been unsuccessful. That person was now in a safe place, but it would take them until the next day to come move the car.

I was just in shock listening to the story and so thankful this person’s life, as far as we know was spared.
The car had been moved about 3 days ago.

I asked Rob what color the car was, and asked a few specific questions about the make and model. I know my face had to be white as a sheet when I put two and two together and said, “Rob, that very same car is parked directly in front of my house!”

With an “are you sure- how can this be” sort of look he said “really?”. I was so sure of it I went home, took a picture of the car and sent it to his phone. IT IS THE SAME CAR.

Now, the way I met Rob was nothing short of a miracle, and that’s an amazing chapter you will love! But the fact that we would now, almost 3 years later be on a 21 day journey together, brought about by me wanting to thank Donald Miller in person, who happened to be speaking about pain with a purpose and “saving lives” at Belmont University where I am an alumni, just two weeks after having some incredible healing take place in my own life after reading A Million Miles In A Thousand Years and then ‘by chance’ this failed suicide attempt occurring in the parking lot where Rob is on staff and now this very car, unmistakably being parked in front of MY HOUSE while we are seeking to determine who/who/when/where we can help and ‘how to save a life…’ Well… If I ever believed in coincidences, I sure don’t now!

Rob text me and said “could this be our ‘vision'” and I replied “well, I don’t think this is my “life’s purpose” (eluding to my vision of helping kids of single parents) “but definitely can’t ignore this!”. Then almost as soon as I hit send it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I quickly sent another text that said “wait a minute… YES IT IS! My whole goal with reaching these kids, their parents, or ANYBODY is letting them know there IS healing! Healing IS POSSIBLE! And saving lives!”. I told him, wow, what if on our way to change the lives of millions of children, we literally ended up saving a life!

Last night, after Rob discouraged me from putting a parking boot on the car so I would make sure I got to talk to it’s owner, we agreed we would at least start with a note. I quickly wrote out on green construction paper that said “There is always hope. You are loved, and you are not alone. Please let me know how we can be there for you.” Rob & Kaci”. And put our contact information down.

This morning, and again tonight as I crawl into bed, the jeep, and the note, are still there.

My prayer is this person is resting and getting help and I am praying against the worst.

If we see no change in the next few days, I’m going to have to find a more aggressive route because as I’ve mentioned there are no coincidences!

I believe now more than ever my pain has purpose!

I don’t know fully what that purpose is yet, but I am becoming ‘ok’ with not having to know every detail and trusting that by just telling my story and being available it will all will be revealed one day.

What I feel so deep within me right now is that if by what I learn walking through my “pain” one abortion is prevented, or a man or woman gains enough support to parent, even on their own, or if it restores hope to a suicidal neighbor that finds a reason to keep living, my “pain” is so worth it.

It totally takes my eyes off the hurt I’ve experienced and births a new perspective that is deeper and wider and longer than anything I could ever achieve through my own “strength.”

I don’t know what is going to happen with the story behind the jeep. I do ask that you pray for wisdom, protection and provision.

Of course, I’m always open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas that we might pursue to delicately handle this, please let me know those!

“In my weakness I’m finding more strength as I choose to lean on the right people, and as I strive to become the person another may also look to for support.”

Who do you know that will join our journey? It started with $10 and so many of you have quickly matched that $10 this past week, but there’s still more work to be done.

Please consider passing along to your friends, family and co-workers.

For “challenge specifics” read “Donald Miller Hugged Me” or “Write,.. LIVE A Better Story!”

* And remember, online matching is easy at: www.kaciallen.com/21.html

Thank you for joining “our story” as we write an incredible new chapter!

13 Days… Starting Now!

nashvillewriter @live.com


Please visit www.kaciallen.com/21.html to join us!


One thought on “Purpose for Pain

  1. Unbelievable. Through a friend of a friend of a friend here in Cali, I have read all of your blogs and the specifics on how Donald’s book was so impactful in your life.

    You are an incredible woman. You have an incredible story. What’s so awesome is your ability to communicate through words, written and spoken, (yes, I know people in Nashville that have been to your writer’s nights & they all brag about how you engage the audience with your story telling about each song!) your music (gorgeous voice!! We have listened to your tunes on myspace – awesome writer & vocalist)

    I am proud to be on this journey with you and am personally going to make sure at least 20 other people join the movement I believe you are leading with your team of support. I challenge other’s reading this to do the same!

    Join US!

    Here’s to purpose and truly living a better story!

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