One Guy’s Leap!

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Its been one week. 7 Days, 8 Blogs, Over 700 Readers and one amazing event after the other that has left everyone involved practically speechless and waiting with great expectations for what tomorrow will hold.

Sept 1st I launched my 1st blog as part of a “21 Day Challenge” to ROCK the world of the more than 21.8 million children being raised in single parent homes as well as the parents themselves. Read “Write… Live a Better Story” or “Donald Miller Hugged Me” for specifics.

In the next few posts, I am going to try and communicate some of the incredible things that have happened.

A few weeks ago, Rob, an incredible friend and mentor of mine, handed me a copy of A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Donald Miller. I will save the overwhelming “ah-ha” that came from a page within that book for now, but suffice it to say we exchanged several text messages in the middle of the night because I had become overwhelmed with emotions! Emotions that felt like peroxide in an open wound. My heart was throbbing as if stitches had been ripped out and at the same time I could FEEL the healing taking place I had been longing for over 5 years!!

So, last Wednesday, after hearing about my incredible ‘hug’ and the challenge I had accepted, Rob asked me to share with our small group. Small being over 60 people… about the journey I had been on, how we’d met, and the events leading up to this challenge. He said I could share as much or as little as I felt comfortable sharing, he just didn’t want me to “prepare,” but rather speak from my heart.

There was laughter, tears, I was sweating… It was incredible!

What was so awesome to me was at the end of me sharing “my story” how one by one these “strangers-turned-brothers-and-sisters” came up to me and began to tell their stories!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

I want to tell you though about one young man named Cody. I won’t go into the details he gave me but I don’t think he’ll mind me sharing this part because he was pretty stoked about it tonight!

I’m not 100% sure exactly how old Cody is, but he’s one of the teens at Tusculum. He introduced himself to me and thanked me for what my story had meant to him and how he wanted to be a part of something so incredible. He reached into his wallet, took his last $10 out and said he’d been wondering how best to use this money and just believed he was supposed to join this challenge by matching $10.

Now, Cody could’ve used this for gas, or Sonic, or a million other things, but Cody took a leap. A leap that might not have made sense, but one week later I believe it does!!

Cody gave me his number and said if I ever needed anything to call him. He emailed me an incredible email this week and then tonight gave me a hug and with eyes beaming told me his news.

You Never Know Who’s Watching!

He told me that he had received a letter from someone who had witnessed him matching my $10. The letter was encouraging to him about his taking a risk and doing what he could with what he had. The letter also included a $20!

Cody said he believed more than ever in the power of this 21 Day challenge and really understands what its about.

Its not about one person changing the world. Its not even about one person. It is about a lot of us, you and me, doing a little, together. When one person tries to push a car up a hill its exhausting if not impossible, but if three or four push, someone steers, a few more have cables and pull, the strain is less, and the car moves!

I remember an episode of Andy Griffith when Opie was complaining about cleaning out the garage and various other chores for such a small allowance. Andy then reminded him of that “good feeling” he had when he was done with such a large job. Opie acknowledged that it was good alright… “Good and tired!”

Its the same way for us sometimes when we step outside of our comfort zone whether it’s manual labor like hanging a ceiling fan or washing windows for someone, or giving financially. It can be tiring! But the person that is giving almost always says they in fact are the one that receives the bigger blessing than the one that actually received the “gift.”

In this situation, Cody got both. He got the joy of giving and then was blessed when his gift was given back to him… Times two!

I wonder how many of us need to take a leap like Cody did. I’m not saying our giving will be literally doubled and given back to us in the same way… It may be, or it may be more. Or we may be blessed in a way money couldn’t buy! I can definitely think of more than a few ways I could use an extra $10 right now, but I chose to match the $10 that was entrusted to me to multiply. I firmly believe if we sit on our talents (or gifts) and do not try to multiply and use them for good, they could very well be taken away. And how awesome it is when we receive them back ‘100 fold!’

I am SO grateful for each of you, your stories and your encouragement and cannot wait to write about even more unbelievable things that are happening even as I type this.

Its not too late to join us on this 21 Day Challenge!


Thank you for joining “our story” as we write an incredible new chapter!

14 Days… Starting Now!



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