Tell YOUR Story!

Tomorrow Will Be One Week since I launched my 1st blog as part of a “21 Day Challenge” to ROCK the world of the more than 21.8 million children being raised in single parent homes as well as the parents themselves. Read “Write… Live a Better Story” or “Donald Miller Hugged Me” for specifics.

Tonight’s Blog is All About You!

I want to hear YOUR story! If you have ever been a single parent, or were at any time in a single parent home, or know anybody that falls into one of those categories… PLEASE let me hear from you! Comment and/or email… Your name will be kept anonymous, unless you let me know its ok to share your first name.

We want to learn more about YOU!

In doing so, not only do we want to get to know you, but we hope to further narrow down the best possible path for reaching as many kids & parents as possible.

I am SO grateful for each of you joining us and matching $10! Please ask at least one other person to match YOUR $10. “One candle lights another…”

*Remember, online matching is easy at:

Thank you for joining “our story” as we write an incredible new chapter!

15 Days… Starting Now!


Please visit to join us!


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