5 Days ago I accepted a “21 Day Challenge” to do something BIG!! Read more about the specifics in “Write,… LIVE A Better Story,” or “When Donald Miller Hugged Me.”

My challenge is all about changing the lives of the 21.8 million children that are growing up in single parent homes and helping equip the parents that are raising them. Equipping them financially, physically & helping them learn how to create lasting memories with their kids instead of allowing their children to become another statistic.

I read somewhere recently where kids growing up in single parent homes are THREE TIMES as likely to attempt suicide. The same study talked about the overall health of single parents being far worse, even critical compared to parents that have a counter-part to share the responsibility.

I have met and received messages from so many people with incredible stories of their own, some giving voice to their pain for the first time.

Recently I volunteered to help one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met get elected to Congress. Now, I have never in my life volunteered for any type of political campaign whatsoever, granted, I’ll put up a yard, sign and am never shy about who I intend to vote for, but I’ve also never met someone I was so passionate about getting elected.

It was hard work! There were phone banks, door to door walking meeting neighbors in blazing heat, holding signs, and a lot of sweat and tears went into the campaign. Because of my session schedule I wasn’t able to do a lot of the community outreach what I call “fun stuff” but I did do “my part.” I volunteered to make phone calls and developed personal relationships with men and women in our district, some via facebook and myspace, and even text messaged friends and family to discuss why I personally believed she was the right choice.

Many were exhausted and before one debate, my candidate ended up losing her voice. It was incredible to watch her persevere and even without being able to verbally respond above a whisper, she still held fast to her beliefs and did not slow down making known where she stood and her passionate devotion to our country.

One thing about a whisper, even the opposition tend to quiet down and lean in to hear what you’re saying. Even in her faintest of whispers, she helped us find a voice… our voice.

What I’m learning as I share my story, to a large crowd, or via an electronic message across the miles, is that by my, what seems at times to be only a whisper, and continuing to persevere even when its exhausting, I am helping others find their voice! Countless men and women who are opening up to me, some for the first time ever, about their experiences growing up in a single parent home, or even those who are (or were) single parents themselves.

What I’ve been thinking about most today, are those who have lost their voice.

– The girls and boys who haven’t learned yet the freedom to shout “OUCH” when someone hurts them, but they are crying out for help, even in the softest whisper.

– The abused mom who finally got out of the nightmare she was living, but now has no idea how she will provide for her two children.

– The dad who’s wife was killed in 9/11 and 9 years later has yet to tell anyone he’s scared to death. He is terrified about his almost teenage daughter and has no idea how to talk to about boys or bras or changes in her body.

I could go on and on, as the faces and stories are endless.

What I would rather do is whisper. I beckon you to lean in with, what we call at our house, your “listening ears” and open your hearts to the voices of these men, women and children that for so long nobody has really, truly listened to.

It doesn’t take a genius to know its a tough economical climate in the U.S. these days. But, my guess is, if you’re able to access this blog, you’re probably not wondering what, if anything, you’ll eat tomorrow. I would dare say if you’re reading this you’ve probably been out to eat, or to Starbucks, or perhaps bought a coke or maybe a pizza in the last few weeks. I’m not asking you to stop enjoying any of these things, I’m not even asking you to go on Oprah or Letterman, or Fox or AC360 and shout to the world any type of opinion or beliefs or personal tragedy of your own.

What I am asking, along with everyone who is involved with this challenge so far, is that you whisper. That you look in the couch cushions or under the car seat and match our $10.

Now, if you’d like to scream out a benjamin, we’ll definitely cheer you on! But what we know is that a lot of people, doing even a little, makes great things happen!

Who can you give a voice to?

Matching our $10 only takes about 1 minute at www.kaciallen.com/21.html

And then it only takes another minute to share this on facebook with your friends!… All 500 million of them! Imagine if all 500 million gave $10… Think we’d be heard?

Come whisper with me… Give 21.8 million children & their parents a voice.

16 Days… Starting Now.


Please visit www.kaciallen.com/21.html to join us!


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