Memorable Scene #1 – The Fire at our House!

On September 1st, after an incredible hug 🙂 , phone call from Kenn, Starbucks with Rob, and lunch with Becky, I launched my 1st blog as part of a“21 Day Challenge” to ROCK the world of the more than 21.8 million children being raised in single parent homes as well as the lives of the parents themselves.

I can’t believe its only been 4 days!! It seems like we’ve known each other & been friends forever. Your stories are incredible & I am excited to have you on this journey.

As part of the challenge to “live a better story,” and in doing so, “change lives” I wanted to let you in on what Donald Miller (I figure if I mention him enough, maybe he’ll read my blog & then one day we’ll have coffee & really get down to incredible, earth shattering, grand slam, cliff diving, world series, super bowl, lasso the moon style conversation:)) would refer to as a “Memorable Scene.”

After reading about Bob Goff in A Million Miles In A Thousand Years and his family jumping into the water with all their clothes on, just to give their visitors a memorable farewell, I decided it was time to take action at home!!

A couple weeks ago, my little guy saw a play fireman costume I bought him over a year ago, that was just now almost his size.

He wanted to wear it to bed, but since I figured the flammable-suffocatable plastic was probably not the best option for pajamas, we decided it would be better to lay it out in the chair by his bed and wait til morning.

He asked “Mommy, when you wake me up tomorrow, will you say ‘DANGA DANGA DANGA DANGA DANGA’ like the fireman’s bell, so I can jump up and get dressed like the fireman do?

Ready to just go on to sleep, I said “Sure,” knowing we’d both be groggy and it would freak him out, being awakened from sleep to my version of a “fireman’s bell.”

Nevertheless, when my alarm went off in my room, I was anxious to see how his little 4 year old face responded to such an abrupt awakening. I should tell you, I’m also the mom that when he wasn’t obeying & got up one night to use the bathroom and instead of going back to bed proceeded to play in the sink a good 10 minutes, I hid in his closet. I called out & told him to get in bed and stop playing. When he finally got in bed, a “roar” started from within the closet and at just the right time, I burst through the closet scaring the pants off him! He was so shocked, it was classic! Then, when he realized it was me, he joined in my laughter. I was laughing because it was way more effective than a spanking, or taking away a toy, and he’s never played in the bathroom at night since!

So back to waking the fireman from within. Well, I didn’t wake him right away.

Instead, I gathered up all the candles in the house, and took them out into the back yard, spacing them around the patio and out by the garage, lit them all and ran back up, three floors, to his room.

“DANGA DANGA DANGA DANGA DANGA DANGA, I began quietly, then as he became conscious enough to realize he had requested this startling, crescendoed to a full on 4 alarm fire bell!

He lept out of bed, fell on the floor, rolled to his jacket, put it on, then his hat & looked with such accomplishment as he said “Look, mommy, I told you I would get right up.” I said “Oh, come on, you gotta put out the fire.”

He played along for a few stairs then stopped and exclaimed, “WHAT FIRE?!”

I ran down the stairs toward the back door & he followed. When he saw the candles his eyes lit right up. He held out his left arm and pretended to spray them with his make believe water-laser-buzz-lightyear-thing.

I shouted, “Come on, you grab the hose and start unrolling it and I will open up the water flow!”

Eyes wide, he started unrolling it and said “GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT” as he began to douse each candle, and both of us, with the backyard-turned- fireman’s hose.

We high fived at such a job well done and saving the day, and then he helped me roll the hose back on the ‘truck.’

Of course, he’s asked if we could do the same thing the next morning.

Before really intentionally trying to “write a better story,” I was stuck in a work all day, quick meal, short bedtime routine, if any, work some more, crash and head out again in the morning rutt! We had our fun, don’t get me wrong, but not this memorable kind.

It has made me realize how even more important it is for me to layout an outline for our family story that is so thrilling my little guy will LOVE to engage in it. One that is exciting, fulfilling, challenging and so memorable, he won’t have to look elsewhere for satisfaction or to fill empty voids, at least that is my prayer.

My “21 Day Challenge” is all about changing the lives of the 21.8 million children that are growing up in single parent homes and helping equip the parents that are raising them. Equipping them financially, physically & helping them learn how to create lasting memories with their kids instead of allowing their children to become another statistic.

Thank you for continuing to help spread the word! Donations are coming in from around the world and I am so grateful!

Matching our $10 only takes about 1 minute at

And then it only takes another minute to share this on facebook with your friends!… All 500 million of them! Imagine if all 500 million gave $10… Think that would change a life? I am only aiming for 1,000 and I would be grateful if you’d be one!

Its not just about these 21.8 million kids, but its about each of us, you and me, doing something, even as small as a $10 bill to begin writing & living a better story for ourselves.

17 Days… Starting Now!

Please visit to join us!

Please visit to join us!


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