Write,… LIVE A Better Story!

77 Hours Have Past since I launched my 1st blog as part of a “21 Day Challenge” to ROCK the world of the more than 21.8 million children being raised in single parent homes as well as the parents themselves.

77 Hours & 454 readers! Thank you!!

So, this whole challenge (and please read the post about Donald Miller Hugging Me, not just because that’s fun to type, but it truly explains this challenge and the point of it all more than the rest) is about “Living A Better Story.”. Living a better story, and saving lives.

Its incredible how since I read A Million Miles In A Thousand Years how I’ve stopped caring so much about what other people think or perceive, but rather focus on creating memorable scenes for myself, family & friends.

Now granted, I am the girl, the one and only that serenaded a PACKED Cracker Barrel with a Faith Hill song while sporting a hot pink feather boa & princess crown. Just ask Adam York or Baley Allred; they’ve been eye witnesses to many of my ‘outbursts’ & I’ve been told I’m the only person on earth that can really make them nervous. They know those 3 little words, “I Dare You” bring out the competitive, uninhibited, Robin Williams-humor, Pierce Brosnan Bond-style adventure in me… But now, even more so, I’m trying to create memorable scenes without stopping to worry about what observers may think or say.

For example, I didn’t care what the really cute, ripped college student/ lifeguards thought when I went racing down the kiddie slide opposite Ethan to see who could hit the water first. Well maybe a little, but I did it anyway… Twice!

I threw caution into the greasy wind at the Waffle House this morning when Mustang Sally & The Lion Sleeps Tonight came on. I jumped up with my little guy & we made a dance floor by our booth & were soon accompanied by two waitresses playing air drums and air guitar with us while the cook sang!

Later on outside of a large big box store that was rolling back prices, I saw an elderly woman trying to figure out what to do with the motorized scooter she had used to get her bags to the car. Latte in hand, I said “Ma’am, I’d be happy to take that back for you!” I threw my purse into the buggy part, she showed me how to operate it, and I drove through the parking lot sipping my starbucks, waving at shoppers and cruised right into the lobby, where I parallel parked it and plugged it back in.

That was almost as fun as pushing my mom in the shopper helper kids buggy at Publix last night after she severely sprained her ankle and could barely walk. We thought we’d just sneak in, but NOOOOO… We ran into one of my best friends & the pastor’s wife at Concord-Grandview who whipped out her phone and took pictures… Which we gladly smiled for! Ha!

My point is, living a better story isn’t something you TRY to do, its just something you DO! For over 5 years I was defined by something bad that happened to me. Prior to that, I was defined by being an all-star athlete and for producing great vocals & BGVs for sessions. Both good & bad things had defined me.

Now, as I set a goal of 1,000 people in 21 days matching my $10 I am not worrying about if Ill reach it, or if I will fail. I’m enjoying meeting all of you & hearing your incredible stories!

My new friend ‘Lisa’ shared part of her story and not only how much of her childhood was in a single parent home, but how for a time she herself was a single mom.

I am enjoying the passion and encouragement you are greeting me with. I spoke to an amazing group at Tusculum Wednesday night & was flooded with support, by some incredible men and women, many of whom probably directed you to this blog.

I am also, SO grateful for each of you that are coming along side of us and matching $10 to begin changing the lives of the more than 21.8 million children being raised by single parents all across the U.S. Remember, online matching is easy at: www.kaciallen.com/21.html

We love and give to groups like Young Life, Habitat for Humanity, Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America, Komen etc. and we want you to continue giving where you are passionate… but we also don’t want these millions of kids and the parents that are struggling daily, some to provide the basic necessities to go unnoticed.
Thank you for joining my story… “Our story” as we write an incredible new chapter them!

18 Days… Starting Now!

nashvillewriter @ live.com


Please visit www.kaciallen.com/21.html to join us!


2 thoughts on “Write,… LIVE A Better Story!

  1. I love this, Kaci. Most of my childhood was in a single parent home & I remember my mom working 3 jobs to provide for us. She was rarely around & when she was, she was too exhausted to play or do anything.

    She always put herself first & we always wished there was help for her.

    I am proud to join you! Keep going!

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